Hearing Loss

Aging – The Accumulation of Birthdays

Don’t hold your breath. Or better yet, if you hold it long enough that WILL stop the aging process, but then hearing better will be the least of your issues.

Despite everything, it happens to the best of us.

As we accumulate birthdays, the nerve endings we used to rely on tend to stop working. Some will notice that their hands or legs get numb, which is part of a similar process as Presbycusis.

Presbycusis is a fancy word for Hearing Loss by Accumulation of Birthdays, and describes a hearing impairment which leaves our low frequencies either normal or at a mild loss, but drops consistantly as the frequency, (pitch) increases until the higher frequency thresholds, (the point where you can just barely hear a sound), are in the moderate to severe range. We refer to this as a “sloping hearing loss”, and it is the single most common loss in both those over 60 and those who worked in a noisy environment. It is important to note, however that a presbycutic hearing loss is NOT exactly the same as a noise enduced hearing loss, there are important differences.

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