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Over 24 years experience with over 8000 hearing patients

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Taking the time to ensure the clearest quality sound

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Using the best technology to solve any hearing problem

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Quality hearing starts with quality treatment. At Pinnacle Hearing Centre, our mission is to work through your hearing needs at your pace, creating a customized solution that achieves:


Clear, static-free sound


Comfort and ease of use


A price you can afford

Don’t live your life on mute. Quality hearing solutions help you enjoy the most important moments of life to their fullest.

Restore Your Quality of Life through Pinnacle Hearing Centre.

Is Your Spouse or Parent Unwilling to Seek Help?

You are not alone. The average individual affected by hearing loss waits a whopping 7 years before they seek out a solution. For those seven years hearing loss lowers their quality of life, adding stress and angst to their loved ones.

Pinnacle Hearing Centre specializes in providing the right care and sensitivity to find a solution that will accommodate everyone’s needs. We help guide you through this delicate process so you can give the necessary support and encouragement to help your loved one through this challenging stage of life.

The Right Hearing Solution Relies on the Right Product

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